Foster Farms History

A Fresh Tradition

The determination of Verda and Max Foster to bring a superior fresh turkey to market -- backed by capital borrowed against a life insurance policy -- formed the genesis of the company that is today Foster Farms. The year was 1939, and the outlook for that 80-acre ranch just south of Modesto, California, required true vision.

With hard work their vision paid off, and as profits and opportunities arose, Max and Verda expanded their farming business, extending the Foster Farms reputation for excellence to chicken and dairy products. The company grew and diversified, and Max concentrated on Foster Farms Dairy operations while Paul, oldest of three Foster sons, focused on poultry.

Paul was the dynamic behind Foster Farms' rapid expansion until his early death in 1977. His brothers George and Tom led the company through 1992. Foster Family management fueled the company's phenomenal growth into a major food supplier. Today, ownership of the company is still in the hands of the Foster Family. Foster Farms' current President and CEO, Paul Carter, is a member of the board of directors who are appointed by the Foster Family shareholders.

The vision and passion for quality shared by Max and Verda in 1939 remain the legacy of every Foster Farms employee today.