Foster Farms Business Principles

A Company Guided by a Family's
Strong Personal Values

Excellence, honesty, quality and service. These are the Foster Family's principles that have shaped and continue to guide this solid, growing and fully integrated company.

Excellence. It's accomplished by hands-on management and strict attention to detail at every level, by people who make excellence a personal goal, as well as a corporate one. Given the best resources and encouragement in aggressive investment and thoughtful risk-taking, we maintain our leadership position.

Honesty. It starts with a fair and open sharing of expectations between each and every employee. It guides us throughout the business day, with our suppliers, our customers, and within the communities we call home. The result is a hard-earned reputation for honesty and credibility in all that we do.

Quality. More than any other single value, quality at Foster Farms cannot be compromised. We ensure this by a shared recognition that our future is determined by our ability to select and retain a team of quality people, and that the superiority of our product is a measure of these individuals.

Service. Honest dealings with customers and consumers, coupled with outstanding people and products, add up to the high level of customer service expected of Foster Farms. In short, we will be our customer's most valued supplier.

Committed to and living by these values, we at Foster Farms believe that success is assured, yet never assumed. We also believe that a feeling of accomplishment for a job well done, a clear sense of individual direction and worth, and an open, enjoyable atmosphere on the job contribute to a company continually on the forward move.