Foster Farms Retail Brand Strength

Consumers in the West consistently name Foster Farms as the most recognized poultry brand. It's the brand they choose for high-quality, locally grown poultry, and the brand they plan to buy next. Our hard-won reputation is built on a wide variety of poultry products that meet ever-changing consumer needs...

Fresh Chicken

Fresh Chicken    The quality of our locally-grown, all-natural, fresh chicken is virtually unquestioned today, and is largely responsible for making Foster Farms the most often-remembered brand in the market. Our retailers know that our company can be counted on for frequent, consistent deliveries of the freshest chicken.

Fresh Turkey

Fresh Turkey    Meeting our consumers' needs for low-fat, nutritional turkey products that are quick to prepare has created year-round growth for Foster Farms' all-natural turkey.

Deli Luncheon Meats

Deli Luncheon Meats    Low in fat, high in flavor, Foster Farms deli products -- franks, bologna, luncheon meats and breast portions -- have recently undergone significant product and packaging improvements that have resulted in marked sales growth.

Individually Fresh Frozen

"Individually Fresh Frozen"    Keeping in step with consumer demands has resulted in Foster Farms' recent introduction of "Individually Fresh Frozen" chicken in seven varieties ranging from boneless/skinless breasts to wings and drumsticks. Positive consumer reaction to these items confirm that this new line will not only meet, but exceed projections.

Seasoned Entrées

Seasoned Entrées    Understanding the needs and desires of today's time-pressed consumer, Foster Farms produces a variety of preparation-free entrées such as seasoned and marinated "Savory Servings" fillets and roasts, and "Fresh & Easy" meal kits, all made with fresh, naturally grown Foster Farms poultry.

Gourmet Sausage

Gourmet Sausage    Versatile, flavorful and of the quality expected of Foster Farms, our fully cooked gourmet sausages are available in three savory flavors: Smoked Chicken & Apple, Parmesan-Romano Turkey & Chicken and Sun-Dried Tomato Chicken & Turkey.

Corn Dogs

Corn Dogs    "Honey-Crunchy Outside, Plump and Juicy Inside," Foster Farms Corn Dogs have experienced phenomenal growth in sales not only in the West, but in markets across the country where they consistently rate the highest with consumers.

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