f6a Foster Farms Foodservice Brand Strength
Foster Farms Foodservice Brand Strength

Working closely with restaurants, schools, hospitals, nursing homes and distributors, Foster Farms has developed products and programs to meet the specialized demands of the foodservice industry. These products include...

Oven Roasted and Smoked & Cured Turkey Breasts

Oven Roasted and Smoked & Cured Turkey Breasts    Ready to serve, these roasts are available with seasonings such as Honey Roast, Peppered and Hickory Smoked.


Ready-to-Cook    These seasoned and unseasoned turkey breast roasts offer preparation options. They're available netted, wrapped in foil or cook-in bags, and in a choice of white and dark meat or all-white meat.


Healthcare    Reduced-sodium and 98% Fat Free turkey breast roasts serve the very specialized healthcare industry's needs with full Foster Farms flavor.


Franks    Plump, juicy, fresh in flavor and lower in fat than beef or pork franks, we offer a choice of chicken or turkey in our popular Franks line.

Corn Dogs

Corn Dogs    For schools, restaurants, convenience stores and fast-food venues, we offer not only our "Honey Crunchy Outside, Plump & Juicy Inside" Corn Dogs, we've also developed bite-sized Mini Chicken Corn Dogs and Jalapeño & Cheese Corn Dogs.

Pancake Wraps

Pancake Wraps    Pancake Wraps are sausage on a stick in blueberry or maple pancake batter. These delicious breakfast items for foodservice operators offer an opportunity to sell a quick and easy pancakes and sausage meal wrapped to go.

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