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Turkey Cooking Guide

Turkey is far too healthy and versatile to only eat at Thanksgiving. Cooking methods for turkey are far more flexible than you think.


Brining is a method of marinating in seasoned, salted water to increase the moisture content of the turkey. Learn how.


Is there any aroma more appetizing than turkey cooking on the grill? Learn how.


Left-over turkey tastes better when stored and reheated properly. Learn how.


One of the best roasting methods is also the simplest. Learn how.


Smoking is a slow cooking and flavoring method. Most smokers are cylinder-shaped devices and use electricity, gas or charcoal for heat. Smokers require liquid to create the moist, hot smoke needed for cooking. Follow manufacturer's instructions for smoking turkey when available. Learn how.


Cooking turkey on a spit or rotisserie produces a juicer, self-basted culinary delight. The secret is in the slow cooking. Learn how.


Stuffing cooked inside the bird has the ultimate flavor, but an unstuffed bird cooks more quickly. Learn how.