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The Foster Imposters are...
Foster Imposters are On the Loose!
Foster Imposters On the Loose! Two (really big) chickens are crossing the road near you!

In their continuing quest to become Foster Farms fresh chickens, the Foster Imposters have hit the road... again. The infamous, junk-food eating duo, stars of Foster Farms commercials since the early '90s are known for their bumbling, hilarious attempts to pass themselves off as Foster Farms chickens. For the third year in a row, the Imposters will be traveling throughout the West as stars of the Foster Imposter 'On The Loose' Road Show trying to persuade consumers and fans that they really do make the grade. In their latest scheme, the chickens promise to forge new habits for a new millennium. Their list includes:

  1. Cut down daily intake of doughnuts to a baker's dozen.
  2. No more sleeping in freezers.
  3. Eat good whole grains instead of fries.
  4. Lift weights instead of cans of soda.
  5. Fool millions of fans into thinking the Imposters have what it takes to be Foster Farms chickens.

Foster Imposters On the Loose!

At the same time, the Imposters have acknowledged that they just can't help having fun and being themselves. So to that end, they also promise to appear throughout California, Oregon and Washington and beyond with their Road Show to:

  1. Serve up savory samples of the latest Foster Farms chicken products.
  2. Continue taking commemorative photos with fans.
  3. Entertain millions of visitors with animatronic skits in English and Spanish out of their beat-up 1967 Plymouth Belvedere.
  4. Make a spectacle of themselves atop their 70-foot-long, 25-foot-wide Road Show vehicle.

Foster Imposters On the Loose!

Since the Foster Imposter Road Show debuted at the 1998 Super Bowl in San Diego, Calif., more than 12 million fans have seen the Road Show, it has traveled 80,000 miles and 1,500,000 samples of Foster Farms Savory Servings entrees and other cooked chicken products have been served.

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