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Nancy Bennett Nancy Bennett, MS, RD, CDE

Nancy Bennett is a registered dietitian, consulting nutritionist, professional speaker and author. Nancy earned a Bachelors of Science degree in nutrition and dietetics from UC Berkeley in 1976, a Masters of Science degree in nutrition and biology from the University of Bridgeport, CT in 1992, and a Certificate in Diabetes Education in 2000.

She provides nutrition consultations for individuals referred by a number of physicians, health care agencies, community groups and corporations in the San Francisco Greater Bay Area.

Nancy's mission is to demystify nutritional science and transform it into practical, realistic and useful tools that help individuals make lifestyle changes that result in losing weight and improving their health.

Nancy has developed, implemented and delivered nutrition programs for clients such as Levi Strauss, IBM, Pacific Bell, Apple Computers, The San Francisco Chronicle, The San Francisco Giants, The Federal Reserve Bank, the U.S. Mint in San Francisco and the Department of Energy in Oakland, California, the San Francisco Opera and the American Cancer Society.

Whether Nancy is writing or speaking, she has the ability to take complex, complicated nutrition concepts and translate them into simple, clear and concise messages that educate, enlighten and motivate audiences. This talent has made Nancy a frequent spokesperson on nutrition issues for the local media programs, such as the Dr. Dean Edele Show on KGO TV and Joannie Greggains on KGO radio.

Nancy blends humor, science and reality when consulting with individuals or when delivering nutrition programs. She, a self-professed "chin-in-the-plate" person herself, can relate to the struggles we all face when trying to eat healthy in this fast paced, affluent society.