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Enjoy a 30-second video of the Foster Imposters® starring in their own "On the Loose!" Road Show. Just click on the Start Video button to start the download or activate the video player you have installed with your browser.

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This Foster Imposter video will play in RealMedia, QuickTime and AVI formats. RealMedia is a "streaming" video player that plays the video on your computer as it is downloading from the internet. QuickTime or AVI downloads the video file to your computer (which may take several minutes), then plays the video.

If you have a video player plug-in already installed with your browser on your computer, click the Start Video button next to the corresponding player that you have installed.

If you don't know whether you have a video player plug-in installed, try clicking on the Start Video button below RealMedia. The player should appear on your screen and play the video. If nothing happens or quality is poor, try the Start Video buttons for QuickTime or AVI. If nothing happens after trying all three, you'll need to download the appropriate video player plug-in.

If you don't have a video player plug-in installed or don't know which video player to download, you can select any Download Player button below. Each will take you to their individual sites where you can learn about and download the appropriate plug-in for your browser and operating system. The player for the AVI format is part of the Windows operating system. There is no download site.

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