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Information Security Analyst

Location: Livingston, CA | Shift: Days | Status: Hourly | Job ID: # 5691

Essential Job Functions

    1. Antivirus and windows security updates administration.
    2. Domain administration (user accounts, e-mail accounts, network shares.
    3. Enterprise Desktop Software Distribution.
    4. Facilitates and directs the timely dissemination of security information.
    5. Assessment of security weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and remediation.
    6. Develops, implements, and administers
    IT security strategies, policies, practices, standards and programs.
    7. Confidential research at HR/Risk Management direction.
    8. Desktop Security Documentation.


    1. BS or MS in Computer Science or equivalent experience.
    2. Minimum of 6 years experience in computer science fields.
    3. Proven ability to work with sensitive and confidential information while maintaining confidentiality.
    4. Proven experience working in high confidentiality situations and environments.
    5. Ability to learn new technologies rapidly.
    6. Extensive knowledge of security strategies, solutions and tools.
    7. Extensive experience in PC/Server installation, configuration, testing, trouble shooting and repair.
    8. Extensive experience in Network installation, configuration, testing, trouble shooting and repair.
    9. Extensive experience with W2K, NT, TCP/IP, Network protocols.
    10. Three plus years experience in Security administration.
    11. Knowledge of Intel based PC’s and common PC based software.
    12. Hands-on experience of desktop installation, configuration, testing, trouble shooting and repair.

How To Apply

If you are interested in this position, please send your resume to

Or mail your resume to:

Foster Farms Central Employment
P.O. Box 457
Livingston, CA 95334

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