We work with great people. They're family to us, and we all strive to give our best every day. The hope is that our commitment to excellence, honesty, quality, service, and our people will shine through in everything we do.


Our standards are high. We encourage a hands-on management style and require strict attention to detail. In both our people and our products, we're dedicated to excellence. It's a family tradition.


We're honest people. It's important to us to treat our employees, suppliers, customers and the communities we call home with fairness and respect.


Quality can't be compromised. In fact, the expectations we set for ourselves far exceed government quality standards—our premium products are proof of our vigilance.


Our customers and consumers expect exceptional quality and service. So we work hard to never let them down. It's our goal to be the most trusted poultry brand. From our farm to your home, we expect every encounter with Foster Farms to be a pleasant one.

Our People

Our people are our biggest asset. That's why we strive to provide them with an enjoyable atmosphere, a clear sense of individual direction and worth, as well as a feeling of accomplishment for a job well done.

Human Rights

Foster Farms believes that Human Rights are a worldwide corporate responsibility, and that all human beings are entitled to live and work with dignity. Although a U.S. based poultry producer, with limited international activity, Foster farms takes comprehensive steps to ensure at all levels of its supply chain that the vendors it does business with adhere to this principle, and are free of egregious violations, including the trafficking in human beings. These steps include:

  • Special training for Foster Farms Supply Chain Management to maintain on-going awareness of Human Rights issues and abuses, such as the trafficking in human beings. Additionally all members of the Foster Farms executive leadership receive training in Human Rights issues every two years.
  • Foster Farms requires that vendors provide certification of compliance with all applicable laws governing employment, and human rights, including the prohibition of human trafficking. Foster Farms reserves the right to require vendors to provide independent third party audited proof of compliance and certification, but does not directly conduct independent third party vendor audits. Foster Farms will promptly and thoroughly investigate any claims or indications that a supplier is engaging in the violation of human rights, including human trafficking.
  • Foster Farms' vigorous pursuit of this policy will result in termination of any supplier that fails to provide certification and any requisite proof of compliance, or in any other way fails to meet expectations regarding Human Rights.
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