How We Raise Foster
Farms Poultry

Foster Farms® Fresh Chicken – American Humane® Certified

We want you to feel good about the choices you make when it comes to feeding your family. And we want you to know we share your values, especially when it comes to the humane treatment of animals in our care. That’s why we are proud that Foster Farms® fresh chicken is certified by The American Humane Association – one of the nation’s leading animal welfare organizations that has been at the forefront in protecting farm animals since 1877.

If you would like to learn more about the certification program, visit our American Humane Association FAQs page or

Please join us in a commitment to the humane treatment of all animals by taking The Humane Pledge.


Foster Farms poultry is always 100% natural with no added hormones or steroids. It contains no artificial flavor or flavoring, coloring, chemical preservatives or any other synthetic ingredient. Also, our poultry is handled without any fundamental alterations or exposure to radiation. It's all part of our effort to give you the best tasting, highest quality products possible.

Nutritious Feed

Our chickens and turkeys mature naturally without growth hormones or steroids. They are fed a highly nutritious, balanced diet composed primarily of corn and soy meal, with vitamins and minerals added. Consumers can also be assured that Foster Farms does not use Roxarsone or any feed additives containing arsenic. Foster Farms poultry feed does not contain any wheat gluten, corn gluten nor any concentrated rice. Furthermore, Foster Farms does not import any protein ingredients from China for its poultry feed. All of our feed ingredients are approved for use by the FDA and USDA. Because we own and operate our feed mills, the custom diet of Foster Farms' poultry always addresses the specific needs of our particular birds, to ensure optimum health, growth and overall quality.

Our Barn Conditions

Foster Farms poultry is neither "caged" nor "free-range." Our chickens and turkeys are grown in large poultry barns designed to protect the birds from environmental extremes, while allowing fresh air to constantly circulate. The interior temperature and climate is controlled, and clean water and feed are available at all times. Our barns are built with enough space for the birds to move about freely. The floors are covered with absorbent bedding materials such as rice hulls and wood shavings.

Grow-out Ranches

After the chicks hatch, they are taken to a local ranch where conditions promote natural growth. Each ranch has a "buffer zone" of empty land all around. The climate is ideal. The chicks' environment is monitored around the clock. They get a balanced diet of high-quality corn-based feed and mature naturally, without steroids or growth hormones. Our veterinarians carefully watch the flock's progress. Each flock is then tested and receives USDA certification that it meets and exceeds quality and safety standards.

Animal Welfare

Foster Farms® fresh chicken is certified by the American Humane Association. We also follow the animal welfare guidelines set forth by the National Chicken Council (NCC) and the National Turkey Federation (NTF) and have been instrumental in helping to advance animal welfare in the industry.

The company strictly adheres to these guidelines and trains all employees in them. Employees are required to abide by these policies and any inappropriate treatment would result in termination. The company regularly updates its practices and technology to reflect the industry's best known practices.

Foster Farms is audited numerous times each year by independent third party auditors at the request of retailers and food service customers to ensure that the company is meeting the industry guidelines. Foster Farms has also independently sought audit by outside professional animal specialists. The audits take place at the company's hatchery, live production, and growing facilities. These audits have consistently shown Foster Farms to adhere to the nationally recognized guidelines.

Foster Farms has designated employees at each facility to monitor practices relating to animals and report to the company's Animal Welfare Officer.

Foster Farms would like to assure consumers that its chickens are raised in large poultry barns (without cages) that allow the birds to move around. The structures are bio-secure and are designed to protect the birds from environmental extremes (such as temperature variability) while allowing fresh air to constantly circulate.

As a best practice, Foster Farms is committed to continuous improvement of its animal welfare program.

Foster Farms And The Use of Antibiotics

Foster Farms has always prioritized the care and well-being of its birds and does not use antibiotics for the purpose of growth promotion. Any antibiotics used by Foster Farms for treatment are approved by the USDA and FDA for use in poultry and are prescribed by and monitored under the supervision of a veterinarian. Foster Farms observes all regulated antibiotic withdrawal times prior to processing.

Foster Farms takes strong proactive measures on the farm to ensure the excellent health and development of its poultry flocks. State-of-the-art climate controlled housing, diets specifically designed for the nutritional stages of the birds' life and immune system, along with modern biosecurity practices protect the flock from disease exposure. Research-based growing practices and husbandry all combine to minimize the treatment of flocks due to illness and disease.

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