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FOSTER FARMS PROVIDES ANSWERS ONLINE TO CONSUMER CONFUSION ABOUT AVIAN FLU A helpful response to food safety concerns from West Coast’s leading poultry producer

LIVINGSTON, CALIF. - Foster Farms announced today the addition of a new Web page addressing consumer questions about Avian Influenza (AI) preventative measures the company is taking to protect its flocks and to related food handling and food safety issues. Consumers can access the Avian Influenza FAQs at

Recent market research indicates that many U.S. consumers are confused about AI with one myth being that the virus can be contracted through poultry consumption. Such myths are addressed on the site.

The Web page FAQs begins with a brief synopsis about the potentially real and perceived threat the disease poses for Americans and, specifically, residents of the West Coast where Foster Farms is the dominant poultry brand. It continues with questions the company has received via email or phone through its Consumer Relations department. Questions include: “Will poultry be a source of a human pandemic in this country?”; “Can I get AI from eating poultry products?”; “Does the company import poultry from outside the U.S.?”; “Can I get AI from handling raw poultry?”; and “How does Foster Farms test its flocks to ensure that they are not infected?”.

“Given the extent of media coverage about Avian Influenza, and the resulting concerns and confusion expressed by consumers, this issue has escalated from one our industry need address to one which our company must respond,” said Foster Farms Poultry President Don Jackson. “We are taking this potential threat very seriously, and, thankfully, our measures have already been established in response to previous threats to poultry health, and by homeland security concerns for our nation’s food supply. At the same time, we want consumers to understand that you will not get bird flu from eating our poultry and poultry products.”

Foster Farms has maintained the position that its avian health care program will prevent the introduction of AI in its flocks. The company also provides food safety information on its packaging and in its communications to help consumers understand the importance of proper handling and preparation of poultry products.

Foster Farms is the leading poultry producer in the Western United States. Based in Livingston, Calif., the company has remained a family-owned business since its founding in 1939. Foster Farms branded fresh chicken is always locally grown on farms it owns or operates in each of its markets (California, Oregon and Washington). Foster Farms specializes in producing high quality fresh chicken products that are all natural with no preservatives or sodium-based additives, in addition to a full line of other delicious poultry products. The company produces and delivers premium quality poultry products to retailers, warehouse clubs and foodservice customers throughout the West.