For information about Foster Farms, interview requests and media inquiries, please contact Michael Fineman or Lorna Scharton:

Michael Fineman, Fineman PR
415.392.1000 ext. 21

Lorna Bush, Fineman PR
415.392.1000 ext. 39

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We are proud of the Foster Farms name and all that it signifies. We've spent over 60 years earning consumers' trust in our brand. And we work hard to ensure that we keep their trust everyday. Please help us by using our logo in a manner that is consistent with our brand guidelines. Always position the Foster Farms' logo so that it is clearly visible and legible. It should be surrounded by enough space to be viewed as separate from other elements. As a rule of thumb, the minimum space required on all sides of the logo is equal to the height of the "F" in "Foster Farms." And thank you for your interest in our company.

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