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At Foster Farms we believe the best meals start with the freshest, local ingredients. Like our locally-grown Foster Farms fresh chicken which is delivered to your grocery store within 48 hours. To show our commitment to fresh, local ingredients, our 3rd Annual Foster Farms Fresh Chicken Cooking Contest is all about featuring your favorite, local ingredients along with Foster Farms fresh chicken.

As you select or develop an original recipe to submit, keep in mind that we are looking for recipes featuring locally-grown Foster Farms fresh chicken and other ingredients that are local to your town or state. For example, if you live in California you might feature delicious California-grown asparagus, figs or olives. If you call Oregon home your recipe might involve Oregon-grown mushrooms, berries or grapes. If your hometown is located in Washington State your recipe might include Washington-grown cherries, onions or chard. These are just some examples of the bounty of fresh produce our region produces. Your recipe does not have to be restricted to products grown in your home state - feel free to use additional ingredients - but recipes which feature fresh, local ingredients along with locally-grown Foster Farms fresh chicken will receive additional consideration.

Judging criteria for all regional and final events:

Rating Criteria
Local/Regional Ingredients
Overall Appeal

We encourage you to take a moment to visit our Contest Details page, review the full Contest Rules and check out What to Expect should your recipe be chosen as one of our 15 semifinalists. Don’t forget to submit your recipe today by clicking here. We look forward to seeing your favorite Foster Farms fresh chicken recipe!