Raised Right, Right Here in California

Since our founding in 1939 by Max and Verda Foster, we have been dedicated to raising poultry that is truly fresh and truly local. This commitment means more than great quality poultry; it also means keeping jobs in California and contributing to our state's economic growth.

Foster Farms® Fresh Chicken – Certified by the American Humane Association

Raised right also means that Foster Farms® fresh chicken is certified by the American Humane Association – one of the nation's leading animal welfare organizations that has been at the forefront in protecting farm animals since 1877. Raising animals humanely isn't a new concept at Foster Farms. It's always been a part of our values. And it's a value we share with you.

To achieve certification, Foster Farms verified that humane conditions are maintained on our farms and ranches 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

If you would like to learn more about the certification program, visit our American Humane Association FAQs page or HumaneHeartland.org. Learn more about the AHA, and discover why this recognition means so much to us and to our customers.

Delivered Fresh in 48 Hours or Less

Foster Farms raises our chicken on more than 100 ranches located primarily in California's Central Valley, providing easy access to grocery stores in northern and southern California. Our chicken is carefully packaged and delivered fresh to your favorite store within 48 hours or less. Being locally raised also means a smaller carbon footprint – and that's good for the environment.

American Humane Certified

Please join us in a commitment to the humane treatment of all animals by taking
The Humane Pledge