Our People

Foster Farms employees are part of a family organization. Many of our team members have worked at Foster Farms their entire careers; others have arrived more recently, bringing with them a wide range of experiences and ideas. Regardless of their backgrounds, everyone comes together here to deliver on our promise of the freshest, tastiest poultry products. Our employees' collective enthusiasm, energy and commitment to the highest quality standards make Foster Farms what it is today—a growing, successful company with a passion for success.

I've worked in many different places in my life (including the hustle and bustle of Manhattan, New York), but I can honestly say that I have never felt as much a part of a family as I do here at Foster Farms. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to work with so many wonderful people. Foster Farms is the most professional, yet caring place at which I have ever worked. People really matter and issues are taken seriously. I am truly blessed to be an employee of Foster Farms.

Diane, Accounts Payable

Foster Farms is a great place for opportunities. My choice to come here was primarily based on a wide range of future positions to work towards. Subsequently, I have been given many challenging and worthwhile positions in my few years here. Each job has given me the opportunity to learn a different part of the business and to develop new skills. Foster Farms also provides training programs that have developed my knowledge and teamwork skills. Most importantly I have been able to develop relationships with bright, talented people throughout the company. These relationships enable me to participate in and contribute to company-wide initiatives. It is rewarding and meaningful to be a part of this very successful business.

Troy, Corporate Accounting

I started my career at Foster Farms as a temp, working each summer where needed. I appreciate the core values of the company because I believe in those values too. I have enjoyed my employment at Foster Farms working with some great people, as well as had the opportunity to learn new skills. We receive extras such as our company recognizing anniversaries, hosting a wonderful holiday luncheon and department parties, annually giving us a turkey and bonus, and encouraging continued education. Thanks Foster Farms!

Sharon, Finance

Foster Farms is a wonderful place to work! Not only does the company produce great products, but it also has a great team of employees. I’ve been fortunate to work with bright and talented individuals who are passionate about the work they do. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to work for such a great organization and look forward to being a part of Foster Farms as it continues to grow!

Jeremy, Marketing

I am excited and proud to be a part of the Foster Farms family. Foster Farms has a long tradition of providing fresh quality products that consumers can trust to be the very best, as well as a passion for developing new products. I am privileged to enjoy an environment of mutual respect and goodwill, which motivates us all to achieve excellence for our customers.

Ivan, Marketing

Foster Farms has provided me a place I truly call "home". It is very rare that you find a company that puts so much focus not only on the products and services it offers its consumers, but more so on the employees that help make it happen. Recognition and acknowledgement comes from every level of management from Ron Foster down to each functional lead. It has provided for a great work environment and allows for growth and development both personally and professionally. I am proud to say that I am truly a part of the Foster Farms Family.

John, Information Technology

Foster Farms is a company that is focused on excellence, honesty, quality, service and people. These are the principles that make working for Foster Farms enjoyable. I look forward to growing with this solid company.

Lindsay, Sales

I joined the Foster Farm Team in September 2003 as a Temp. Since them I have enjoyed the people I met and worked with, everyone has been real helpful and supportive. I have found a close-knit family here.

Dawn, Information Technology

Foster Farms is a trusted brand that stands for quality products, and it is important to me and my family to work for a company we can be proud of. Foster Farms is composed of dedicated people who want to see the company succeed. Foster Farms people are not only competent, but are good people that I really enjoy working with.

Dave, Information Technology

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