Current Openings

Rendering Plant Supervisor

Location: Livingston, CA | Shift: Graveyard | Status: Exempt | Job ID: 20901

Essential Job Functions

    1. Responsible for directing the rendering operations and monitoring the results.
    2. Responsibility for leadership that will maintain a well-trained and competent work force.
    3. Pursue and develop new processing methods to increase profitability and improve product quality.
    4. Participate and cooperate with the entire Foster Farms organization to ensure development and growth of the by-products business.
    5. Monitor safety, operations and quality control on a daily basis.


    1. BS or AA Degree preferred (or equivalent work experience).
    2. Background in operating and maintaining machinery and equipment.
    3. General knowledge of rendering operation and poultry by products.
    4. Strong leadership abilities.
    5. Ability to communicate effectively and accurately orally and in writing.

How To Apply

If you are interested in this position, please send your resume to

Or mail your resume to:

Foster Farms Central Employment
P.O. Box 457
Livingston, CA 95334

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