Emergency Medical Technician
Fresno, CA | Graveyard | 32494

Essential Job Functions

1. Provide appropriate emergency/First Aid care. Notify Security for all necessary 911 emergency responses. Immediately notify R.N. & Safety Manager when EMS response is needed.
2. Provide the employee with injury care instructions only when First Aid care is rendered, to include follow-up visits to Employee Health Services.
3. Monitor employees on modified duty per physician’s orders. Initiate restricted duty, when appropriate, in accordance with Modified Duty Policy. Obtain approval from R.N. for physician referral, complete necessary paper-work & send information to W/C Dept
4. Relay updated status reports regarding restrictions, to management in accordance with “need to know” protocols. Relay updated status reports concerning lost time, extension of lost time, return to work, surgery, etc., to W/C Dept.
5. Report to work on time for scheduled shifts. Enter case information into PCC to include all follow-up care until the case is closed.
6. Adhere to strict medical information confidentiality laws set forth by HIPAA.
7. Provide employee with appropriate Workers’ Compensation documentation, ensure accurate completion, and forward to Workers’ Compensation Dept. in accordance with OSHA regulations.
8. Adhere to all OSHA, State and Federal regulations. Receive and appropriately process non-job-related medical notes in accordance with HIPAA laws.
9. Reports. Prepare reports from PCC to track injuries and trends. Provide information to Plant Manager and Safety Manager in accordance with confidentiality protocols.
10. Department Operations. Maintain employee health services unit to reflect professionalism, in appearance and operations, to include appropriate dress code. Inventory, order, and restock supplies as needed.
11. Perform weekly equipment checks for oxygen tanks, AED, and trauma bags.
12. Other duties as assigned.


1. Must have a current Emergency Medical Technician certificate and CPR/AED certification.
2. Must have good interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills bilingual in English / Spanish preferred.
3. Must be detail-oriented and accurate in documentation tasks.
4. PC experience required.
5. Must be proficient in a multi-task environment.

Foster Farms is an Equal Opportunity Employer - Minorities and Females are encouraged to apply.

Foster Farms participates in E-Verify during the hire process at all locations for all new employees.

How To Apply

You can apply online by clicking HERE, where you will be able to upload a resume and cover letter.

Or mail your resume to:

Foster Farms Central Employment
RE: Job ID 32494
P.O. Box 457
Livingston, CA 95334 

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