Foster Imposter Fun Facts

How much do you really know about the Foster Imposters®? Here are some fun facts about the Foster Imposters.

  • The Foster Imposters hit the airwaves in 1993 and starred in more than 19 different commercials.
  • The commercials were viewed by millions of consumers throughout the Western United States.
  • The Foster Imposters chickens achieved "celebrity status." They were the West's most recognized advertising characters since the California Raisins™.
  • The Foster Imposters had no names.
  • The Foster Imposters "drove" a 1967 Plymouth Belvedere.
  • The Foster Imposters subsisted on a diet of junk food—soda pop, potato chips, donuts, pizza, candy corn and onion rings.
  • The Turkey Imposter was "born" in 2000 when it joined the junk food eating chickens in their quest to become fresh Foster Farms poultry.

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