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ONE DAY, 360 PARTIES, THOUSANDS OF 'DOGS: NATIONAL CORNDOG DAY IS MARCH 21 Foster Farms - America's Favorite Corndog Brand - Pays Homage to Corndog Fans Around the Globe

LIVINGSTON, Calif. – Let the countdown begin: just five days to go until the 17th annual National Corndog Day (NCD) celebrations begin and the mailroom at Foster Farms, the event’s longtime corndog sponsor, is buzzing with activity. The company has sent off more than 200 official NCD party packs to dedicated fans around the world in preparation for this annual celebration of basketball and corndogs. National Corndog Day is held on the first Saturday of March Madness each year and marks the start of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. From its humble roots in Corvallis, Ore. by two college students, NCD has grown to include legions of loyal fans from the U.S. and abroad, 360 official parties, an event Web site (, blog and 340-member official Facebook group. Enthusiasm for the holiday has also spawned more than 20 independent Facebook groups.

Officially-registered NCD parties have doubled each year for the past five years. Corndogs have also gained in popularity. Foster Farms, the nation’s best selling Corn Dog producer Officially-registered NCD parties have doubled each year for the past five years. Corndogs have also gained in popularity. Foster Farms, the nation’s best selling Corn Dog producer, made enough corndogs in the past year that if you were to line up the sticks, you’d cover 59,331 miles -- enough to circle Earth almost two and a half times!

"Foster Farms is proud to sponsor National Corndog Day and help enthusiastic fans celebrate one of life’s simple pleasures," said Cira Forbes of Foster Farms. "It’s amazing that a corndog can bring together thousands of people from around the world - from Corvalis, Ore., to Kenya. It goes to show you the longstanding appeal of this fun, anytime treat."

Foster Farms has sponsored this event for the past 10 years and, this year, offers official party packs to registered NCD party hosts – who plan events ranging from NCD engagement parties and block parties to fundraisers. The party packs contain Foster Farms Corn Dog vouchers, posters, score cards, wobblers (corndog bobbleheads) and magnets and NCD fans are downright giddy as they countdown to the big day. One NCD party host and blogger describes the experience of receiving his NCD party pack as being "like Christmas."

The founders’ premise behind National Corndog Day is simple: Watch basketball – from morning ‘til night, eat corndogs and tater tots amongst friends and have fun. "We had no idea when we started National Corndog Day that it would grow to have such a following," said Brady Sahnow, one of the original NCD founders. "This is a one-of-a-kind event. This year especially, fans just want to relax, indulge in the ultimate comfort food and enjoy the time with friends and family."

Foster Farms Corn Dogs are made with naturally lean chicken and come in the following delicious varieties: Honey Crunchy, Mini Honey Crunchy, Jumbo Honey Crunchy, Chili Cheese and Extreme Cheese. Foster Farms Corn Dogs contain anywhere from 6 to 10 grams of protein per serving, and are available in a whole grain option. For creative corndog recipes including Corndog Casserole, PBR Batter Corndogs, and Deviled Dogs, please visit the National Corndog Day’s official Web site at This interactive Web site serves as a resource for party hosts with ideas for party themes, menus and games. For thousands of poultry recipes, meal planning hints and nutrition tips, visit

About the Corndog:
* Corn Dog: Corndogs are hot dogs dipped in corn batter, deep fried and served on a stick.

* Birthplace: The first corndog was not served on a stick, and the original origin and vendor is hotly contested; claims exist that the original was created and sold for the first time at the 1942 Texas State Fair, the 1941 Minnesota State Fair, and more.

* Where did the stick come from: The original corndog with a stick was first made and sold in 1946 in Springfield, Illinois. It was known as a Cozy Dog.

* An American tradition: Corndogs became a popular American fair food in the early 1940’s.

* Beyond the basics: Corn Dogs come in many flavors (Honey Crunchy , Mini Honey Crunchy , Jumbo Honey Crunchy , Chili Cheese and Extreme Cheese), as well as whole grain options. There are even vegetarian corndogs. For creative corndog recipes (deviled corndogs, corndog casserole) visit

* Corndog as protein: Foster Farms Corn Dogs are made exclusively with chicken and provide 6 to 10 grams of protein per serving.

National Corndog Day by the Numbers
* Double – How much official participation in the event has grown each year for the past five years
* 360 – The number of official National Corndog Day registered parties
* 340 – The number of official National Corndog Day Facebook members
* 20 – Number of independent Facebook groups.
* 48 – Number of states in the U.S. where registered National Corndog Day parties are held. Parties are also hosted internationally in such far-reaching locales as Kazakhstan and Kenya.