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Foster Farms is committed to producing poultry products of the highest quality, to the highest standards of food safety. Since October 2013, the company has implemented a multifaceted Salmonella control program that has reduced the prevalence of Salmonella at the parts level to less than ten percent – well below the USDA-measured industry benchmark of 25 percent. USDA officials have affirmed that the interventions are working and confirmed, "Foster Farms is performing far better than the industry average."

Recent, in-market testing conducted by Foster Farms at the point of purchase further underscored that while Salmonella can be present in all brands of chicken, Foster Farms is among the safest choices available to consumers. Foster Farms will continue to work with its Food Safety Advisory Board, USDA-FSIS, and leading independent experts to further improve upon food safety.

Foster Farms CEO Ron Foster said, "We are on the right track, and have made outstanding progress. Millions of consumers continue to enjoy Foster Farms poultry products each day, and we want to ensure that they have the safest, healthiest experience.”

About Foster Farms

Foster Farms reminds consumers to follow the Poultry ABCs – Always Be Careful. Fresh poultry must be handled and cooked in accordance with the safe handling guidelines on all packages of chicken. These include: keeping the product refrigerated or frozen thawing in refrigerator or microwave keeping raw meat and poultry separate from other foods washing working surfaces including cutting boards, utensils and hands after touching raw meat or poultry keeping hot foods hot and refrigerating leftovers immediately or discarding. All fresh poultry products should be cooked to an internal temperature of 165°F boneless and ground and 180°F and 170°F bone-in: breast and drums thighs and wings, as measured by a meat thermometer. Visit to learn more.

Since 1939, West Coast families have depended on Foster Farms for premium quality poultry products. Family-owned and operated, the company continues its legacy of excellence and commitment to quality established by its founders, Max and Verda Foster. Foster Farms specializes in fresh, all natural chicken products free of preservatives, additives or injected sodium enhancers. Based in California's Central Valley, with ranches also in the Pacific Northwest, the company's fresh chicken is produced in or near each region served and delivered fresh to the store in 48 hours or less. All Foster Farms fresh chicken products are certified as humanely raised by American Humane Association. Foster Farms also produces delicious pre-marinated, ready-to-cook and fully cooked products that meet the quality and convenience needs of today's home cooks, retailers, warehouse clubs and foodservice customers.