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FOSTER FARMS ANNOUNCES INDEPENDENT ANIMAL WELFARE AUDIT FINDINGS Reports Reveal Excellent Company Compliance and a Consistent Track Record

LIVINGSTON, Calif. – Foster Farms today announced the results of a recent independent Animal Welfare Audit of its Livingston facilities conducted by Silliker, Inc., a global quality assurance company based in Homewood, Illinois. Foster Farms received an “excellent” rating by Silliker – the highest rating possible – in both the “Production” and “Processing” categories.

Silliker carefully examined operations at all three Foster Farms production stages, including the hatchery, growout and catching procedures, and transportation practices. Also audited were the training of employees as well as procedures involving the nutrition and feeding, comfort and shelter, health care, holding, handling and on-farm best practices.

“We want consumers to know that Foster Farms is absolutely committed to the humane treatment of all animals,” said Don Jackson, president of Foster Farms. “Over the years, we have developed a comprehensive series of Animal Care Best Management Practices requiring humane production and processing practices for both chickens and turkeys. We hold ourselves and our growers accountable to these guidelines in order to ensure the most beneficial and humane practices will be followed for the poultry we raise.”

Audits are performed at Foster Farms facilities to adhere to customer requirements and to industry-wide guidelines from the National Chicken Council (NCC). In a collaboration with the National Council of Chain Restaurants (NCCR) and Food Marketing Institute (FMI), the NCC guidelines are based on nine major divisions and 53 sub categories. The basis for each decision includes on-site observations, printed company policies and guidelines along with a review of company records.

“Over the years, these audits have consistently shown Foster Farms to adhere to nationally recognized guidelines for meeting animal welfare standards,” said Jackson.

“Foster Farms would like to assure consumers that its chickens and turkeys are raised in large poultry barns (without cages) that allow the birds to move around. These structures are bio-secure and are designed to protect the birds from environmental extremes such as temperature variability while allowing fresh air to constantly circulate. Keeping our poultry comfortable and well treated is a priority for Foster Farms and ensures excellent health and development.”

Foster Farms is the leading poultry producer in the Western United States. Based in Livingston, Calif., the company has remained a family-owned business since its founding in 1939. Foster Farms branded fresh chicken is always locally grown on farms it owns or operates in each of its markets.