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FOSTER FARMS TURKEY HELPLINE OFFERS ROUND-THE-CLOCK HELP FOR HOLIDAY COOKS Cooking Advice, Turkey Tips and Healthy and Delicious Recipes Available by Phone and Online

LIVINGSTON, Calif.– How do you stuff and roast the perfect turkey, drum up delicious gravy, or “brine” your bird this Thanksgiving holiday? Experts from Foster Farms, the West Coast’s premium poultry brand are available to answer these questions and more with the return of its free seasonal Turkey Helpline (1-800-255-7227) and expanded informational Web site In addition to providing fool-proof turkey tips, this year’s helpline offers expert holiday entertaining tips, delicious traditional recipes, and healthy low fat recommendations to please every guest. There are even recommendations on wine pairing and turkey carving.

In keeping with an annual company tradition in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving and all day on Thanksgiving Day, November 23, Foster Farms turkey specialists will be on call to provide thousands of home chefs with tasty recipes, fool-proof cooking instructions and important food safety guidelines.

From November 15 to November 27, 2006, the Foster Farms Turkey Helpline may be accessed 24-hours a day, seven days a week by calling (800) 255-7227. The Turkey Helpline is staffed by live operators and provides consumers with tips to help make their turkey dinners a success and is even available during Thanksgiving Day. Prior to November 15 and after November 27, the Foster Farms Turkey Helpline is available Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. PST. The online resource is available at and remains active throughout the year.

“An annual event like Thanksgiving dinner requires a great deal of organization and planning,” said Teresa Lenz, Foster Farms’ consumer affairs manager. “Our goal with the Turkey Helpline and Web site is to help Thanksgiving chefs create the perfect centerpiece for their holiday table – a flawless, wholesome and delicious Foster Farms turkey.”

Last year, more than 4,500 consumers contacted the Foster Farms Turkey Helpline during the holidays, with over 1,300 inquiries on Thanksgiving Day alone. This popular, free service has grown in popularity every year, and Foster Farms encourages cooks to call the toll-free number with any question or concern - large or small. Hotline operators answers chefs’ questions and also provide holiday meal suggestions, thawing times, basting and roasting techniques, cooking instructions, servings-per-pound calculations, step-by-step carving instructions, nutritional information, food safety tips, and even recipes for turkey leftovers.

As part of the helpline service, Foster Farms also offers an informational brochure with recipe for holiday cooks, available both on the Web and by phone:

“Savor the Season:” A family-owned and operated California company since 1939, this brochure features Foster family recipe favorites, handed down from the founders, Max and Verda Foster. Recipes include Max’s famous Holiday Bread and Verda’s Turkey Stuffing.

Foster Farms is the premium poultry brand in the Western United States. Based in Livingston, Calif., the company has remained a family-owned business since its founding in 1939. Foster Farms branded fresh chicken is always locally grown on farms it owns or operates in each of its markets (California, Oregon and Washington). Foster Farms specializes in producing high quality fresh chicken products that are all natural with no preservatives or sodium-based additives, in addition to a full line of other delicious poultry products. The company produces and delivers premium quality poultry products to retailers, warehouse clubs and foodservice customers throughout the West.


Side Bar: Savvy Tips To Savor The Season

For many, this time of year is filled with social gatherings, which often celebrate food as much as family and friendships.

“The average weight gain for most of us during the holiday season is only one pound, the simple result of eating an additional extra 100 calories a day,” explains Nancy Bennett, MS, RD, CDE, a leading nutritionist with premium poultry brand Foster Farms. “Unfortunately, most of us don’t lose that pound and will end up wearing the weight around our waists,” says Bennett.

Bennett suggests a few easy tips to help maintain family health during the holidays:

Go for a walk. Grab a coworker, neighbor or your dog and pledge to walk together for 20 minutes a day. Twenty minutes of walking burns 100 calories— enough to offset the holiday season’s average calorie surplus.

BYOBB (Bring Your Own Best Bet). For holiday gatherings, offer to bring a homemade, healthful dish. This item is your best bet for filling up and you can lightly sample other goodies. (Try a fresh veggie tray with rolled up slices of deli turkey or roast chicken served with low-fat dips on the side, such as whole grain mustard and a light raspberry vinaigrette.)

Arm yourself with healthy snacks when you leave the house. Include such lean proteins as grilled chicken or deli turkey slices: Protein stays in your stomach for two hours after a meal and keeps your appetite in check. Fruits and vegetables are high in fiber and chewing power (known to make people “feel full”). Fill up on these healthy snacks, and allow yourself to sample other treats: a few bites will still let you taste the holidays.

Plan Ahead. For quick family meals, plan ahead: Choose recipes that are quick to prepare, low calorie, filling and good for last minute guests or casual get-togethers. Double the recipe for casseroles or lasagna and freeze for later use (consider recipes for Chicken Chili, Turkey Herb Lasagna, Tortilla Soup.)

Keep Hydrated. People often confuse thirst with hunger so stay hydrated with zero-calorie beverages, preferably water.

Keep in mind that consistent, good food choices can lead to better health. You and your family, with a few simple choices, can enjoy the season and its delicious offerings.

For thousands of wholesome recipes, holiday cooking tips and nutrition advice, visit