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WITH HOME-COOKED MEALS ON THE RISE, HOME CHEFS LOOK FOR INSPIRATION, EASY MEAL PLANNING Foster Farms Re-Introduces Savory Servings for All-Natural, Lower Sodium, Fast Meals

LIVINGSTON, Calif. - U.S. consumers are short on time and money these days, making every dollar and minute count. According to recent studies, nearly half of Americans are eating out less to save money and 91 percent of consumers believe that eating at home represents a healthier choice¹.

Today, Foster Farms, the West Coast’s leading poultry producer, re-introduces one of its most popular product lines, Savory Servings. The pre-marinated line of fresh chicken and turkey has been revamped to satisfy the schedule, budget and appetite of consumers.

Foster Farms reformulated its Savory Servings pre-marinated fresh chicken and turkey line to represent the highest quality protein experience possible, for about the same price per pound as the company’s premium, all-natural, boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Now with only all-natural marinade ingredients, 25 percent less sodium on average, and new versatile flavors, Savory Servings provides the inspiration for countless 15-minute creations. All protein prep work has been completed at the time of purchase, saving valuable time in the kitchen. Consumers need only cook the chicken or turkey, pair with sides and serve. Savory Servings chicken and turkey products are also low in fat (less than two grams of fat per serving) and high in protein (an average of 23g per serving).

“Cooking in this economy is challenging for many consumers,” said Ira Brill, Director of Advertising and Marketing Services at Foster Farms. “We know that families throughout the West are paying more attention to their grocery lists for budget and health reasons. We wanted to take Savory Servings to the next level by making it an ideal solution in terms of convenience, quality, value and nutrition.”

Savory Servings starts with Foster Farms premium, all-natural, fresh, boneless, skinless chicken or turkey breast fillets or tenders that are gently tossed in all-natural, savory marinades. Delectable chicken varieties include Zesty Lemon Herb, Island Teriyaki, Slow Roasted Garlic & Herb, Fire Roasted Chipotle, Sweet Asian BBQ, and Classic Italian Blend. The delicious turkey flavors include Lemon Peppercorn, Island Teriyaki, and Sweet Barbeque. All chicken breast varieties cook in 15 minutes or less, with breast tenders cooking in just five minutes. All turkey tender varieties cook in 30 minutes or less. Simply bake, roast, grill, or sauté Savory Servings, then pair with vegetables and a whole grain for a quick, well-balanced, filling meal.

“Consumers are paying less attention to recipes and relying on what they have on hand for meals,” said Brill. “Savory Servings is a sensible staple; home chefs have access to Mexican, Italian, Asian, Mediterranean and California cuisines with the new variety of flavors and can feel good about creating a meal with fresh, seasonal ingredients in less time.”

Nutritionist and Registered Dietician Nancy Bennett notes that healthy, balanced meals can be prepared quickly -- even without a recipe. “I tell my clients to think about cooking as assembling. Choose a lean protein, add a seasonal fresh vegetable side, then finish the plate with a serving of whole grains. It’s easy to shop and cook that way without feeling overwhelmed. I’m a personal fan of Savory Servings because it fits within my nutrition goals, takes less time to prepare and I don’t have to think about recipes. I just choose sides that complement the flavor and dinner is ready.”

Savory Servings chicken and turkey products are now available in the fresh poultry section at most major grocery stores, supercenters and warehouse clubs throughout the West. For more information, visit

Founded by Max and Verda Foster in 1939, Foster Farms continues today as a family-owned and operated company. Foster Farms ready to cook fresh chicken is all natural with no preservatives or sodium-based additives. For more than 70 years, families in the Western United States have trusted Foster Farms for the highest quality, locally raised, fresh chicken.


Savory Servings+Veggie/Fruit+Grain/Starch = DINNER

Zesty Lemon Herb Chicken Breasts+Roasted Asparagus+Risotto

Classic Italian Blend Chicken Breasts+Squash+Whole Wheat pasta

Island Teriyaki Chicken Breasts+Cantaloupe+Brown Rice

Slow Roasted Garlic and Herb Chicken Breasts+Artichoke Hearts+Orzo

Fire Roasted Chipotle Breast Tenders+Red Peppers+Tortillas

Sweet Barbeque Turkey Tenderloins+Green Salad+Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Asian BBQ Chicken Breasts+Steamed Broccoli+Wild Rice

Island Teriyaki Turkey Tenderloins+Grilled Pineapple+Black Beans

Lemon Peppercorn Turkey Tenderloins+Sauteed Spinach+Mashed Potatoes