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IT Director of Business Systems

Location: Livingston, CA | Shift: Day | Status: Exempt | Job ID: 29121

Essential Job Functions

    1. Direct the activities for the business systems team and understand the strategic and functional business requirements of all Foster Farms business functions. Direct the development of plans to deliver systems and services to meet strategic business needs. Coordinate the overall planning, execution and development and support activities of the Business Systems function.
    2. Evaluate client requests from a long-term perspective, resolving conflicting user demands and implementing strategies which will benefit the entire company. Function as a business consultant for Foster Farms. Establish commitments with clients and deliver on these commitments. Insure all work is performed in accordance with established IT and Business Systems policies, methodologies and procedures.
    3. Direct the development of new systems and technology applications that support both day to day operations and strategic direction of the business, utilizing technology to create a competitive advantage. Insure that systems solutions fit within the Foster Farms architecture and plans as well as those for the overall IT Department and Foster Farms business.
    4. Ensure that systems are implemented on time, are technically efficient, conform to standards and meet client expectations. Ensure the Foster Farms systems development methodology is consistently and effectively applied on all projects. Ensure the Business Systems staff is trained and fully able to utilize the methodology on all projects. Insure that all systems are fully tested prior to their release into production.
    5. Direct the activities that provide for the day-to-day baseline support of existing systems. Insure production problems are monitored and resolved to achieve high client satisfaction through system reliability/availability. Ensure that problem fixes and system enhancements are consistent with long-term department, corporate and application directions and architecture. Balance workload of Business Systems team between new systems development and maintenance/enhancement.
    6. Human Resources Management to include direct (plan, direct and measure) the work assignments of the Business Systems staff. Ensures detailed task plans and resource requirements are documented for all work and insures all work is completed accurately and timely. Establish appropriate control mechanisms to insure all work is completed correctly and on a timely, yet cost effective basis. Develop career plans and provide appropriate career development opportunities for Business Systems staff. Serve as a role model, mentor, and coach for the Business Systems function and the entire IT Team.
    7. Direct organizational structure changes to improve the service level, efficiency and effectiveness of the Business Systems function.Planning and Organizing direct the planning, execution and support of the Business Systems function. Insure plans are in accordance with overall corporate strategic plans. Ensure detailed task plans and resource requirements are consistently developed, documented and utilized for all work and insure all work is completed accurately and timely. Develop and establish appropriate control mechanisms to ensure all work is completed correctly and on a timely, yet cost effective basis.
    8. Communicate effectively and frequently with CIO, peers, subordinates, and client and company management. Establish forums, both formal and informal, for clients to provide feedback concerning IT activities, approach and service levels. Develop and communicate plans to continuously improve the performance of IT. Develop rapport in interpersonal relationships through effective listening and communication skills.
    9. Develop and maintain a leadership role within IT and corporate organizations contributing to IT and corporate goals as a team player. Participate as a member of the Sr. IT Management Team in developing organizational tactics. Present a positive, optimistic and upbeat image even when directing activities or implementing decisions that are not popular with IT or client staffs. Maintain an in-depth awareness of current and emerging technology trends. Function as a technology visionary/advocate within Foster Farms, recommending solutions before needs become critical.
    10. Responsible for all financial duties for Business Systems department, as well as, any other Business Systems related activities for Foster Farms, both SG&A and capital. These duties include development of budgets, ongoing management of actual expenses and forecasting of full year actual expenses against budget.



    1. Bachelor’s degree in computer science, business information systems, business or related field.
    2. 10 years of experience in systems development, maintenance and planning with heavy experience utilizing Systems Development Methodologies
    3. 8 years experience in managing complex business systems projects – analysis, design, development, testing, implementation and change management
    4. 4 years managing multiple, complex business systems projects, developing and managing projects with aggressive milestones.
    5. A minimum of 6 years in an IT management position.
    6. Must be highly goal and results oriented and have strong problem-solving skills, sound judgment, critical thinking, and decision-making ability.
    7. Must be highly goal and results oriented with extensive experience directing change with history of high impact projects.
    8. Demonstrated ability to teach/mentor and educate staff in SAP/ERP and other IT systems capabilities and best practices.
    9. Must possess excellent critical thinking skills with the capability to envision creative solutions to complex and challenging business process/system issues.
    10. Experience developing strategic information systems plans.
    11. 5 years experience managing/directing in an SAP/ERP environment.
    12. Excellent interpersonal and management skills.
    13. Excellent communications skills with the ability to communicate effectively with all levels of management, users, staff and team members, both written and verbal.
    14. Common sense skill sets.


    1. Master’s Degree
    2. 10 years of IT experience working in a manufacturing organization for a 1 billion organization.
    3. 15 years of experience in Systems Development
    4. 10 years experience managing Business Systems in SAP/ERP environment
    5. Proven track record of developing “in house” talent and creating development programs.
    6. Past experience working as a Director for a large ERP/SAP organization.
    7. Must have the ability to move up within the organization.


    1. Must have reliable transportation
    2. Must be have to obtain CA drivers license
    3. Must be able to travel over night occasionally
    4. Must be able to have consistent attendance in the Livingston Office
    5. Must be able to sit for long periods of time.
    6. Must be able to drive to various company and vendor locations
    7. Must be able to work on the computer for long periods of time
    8. Must be able to deal with periodic high stress situations
    9. Must be able to stay calm and focused when dealing with difficult personnel issues.


How To Apply

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Foster Farms Central Employment
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