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Sanitation Supervisor

Location: Porterville, CA | Shift: Nights | Status: Exempt | Job ID: 34486

Essential Job Functions

    1. Direct and supervise sanitation functions for the Porterville Plant.
    2. Maintain sanitation master schedule.
    3. Prepare work schedules and employee duty assignments as required to meet Foster Farms sanitation requirements.
    4. Evaluate, prioritize and schedule sanitation functions to insure timely completion of plant clean-up.
    5. Perform frequent on-the-job inspections. Safe working habits. Safe work areas. Quality of workmanship. Effectiveness of
    sanitation employees. Effectiveness of sanitation cleaning systems (CIP & COP).
    6. Routinely inspect equipment for proper cleaning and work Pre-op with USDA inspectors
    7. Train all sanitation employees in safety and complete annual required training by Foster Farms (JSTA’s)
    8. Manage all supply room attendants Manage all supply room attendants.
    9. Manage Operating supply inventory. Manage Operating supply inventory
    10. Initiate purchase requisitions. Complete maintenance facility work orders as needed. Submit work requests for maintenance
    repairs as needed. Control all rust issues on the production floor.
    11. Recommend needed special tools. Process all of the facility’s condemned product and assist in scheduling outside carriers.
    Annual chemical and hazardous material training class.
    12. Evaluate and discuss with Manager all personnel’s work performance. Annual Emergency Response training. Special
    projects as Environmental Coordinator.


    1. BS or BA in or business management or equivalent work experience (five to ten years) in the food processing industry.
    2. Minimum of 2 - 5 years sanitation experience in poultry or related industrial areas. To include some supervisory experience
    with emphasis on:
    3. Leadership skills pertaining to the ability to set and communicate job standards, optimize productivity and hold individuals
    accountable for meeting job requirements.
    4. Demonstrated ability to effectively communicate policies, procedures, work and project status to all levels both in 1-to-1 and
    small group settings.
    5. Expertise in mechanical poultry processing machinery.
    6. Ability to function well under pressure.
    7. Chemical and product safety knowledge.
    8. Speak, read, write and understand English.
    9. Demonstrated ability to communicate verbally and in writing and must have strong interpersonal skills.
    10. Able add, subtract, multiply, and divide and perform mathematical calculations.
    11. Able to evaluate leads and employees fairly and objectively strong human resource skills. Growth potential to assume more
    12. Able to stand for prolong periods of time on a concrete/metal grate floor.

How To Apply

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Foster Farms Central Employment
P.O. Box 457
Livingston, CA 95334

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