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Storing Chicken

Raw Whole Chicken1-2 days12 months
Raw Chicken Parts1-2 days9 months
Raw Ground Chicken or Chicken Giblets1-2 days3-4 months
Foster Farms Individually Frozen™ Chicken1-2 days9-12 months
Foster Farms Cooked Chicken (Frozen)1-2 days9-12 months
Foster Farms Fresh & Easy®1-2 days6-9 months
Foster Farms Savory Servings�Good thru (if unopened) "use or freeze by" date6-9 months
Cooked Whole Chicken or Parts, Plain3-4 days4 months
Cooked Chicken Parts With Gravy or Broth1-2 days6 months
Cooked Ground Chicken1-2 days1-3 months

Store fresh, raw chicken in its original unopened wrapper at 40°F or less, in the bottom, coldest part of the refrigerator. Store it there no longer than one to two days, and always be sure to cook or freeze raw chicken by the "use by" date on the label.

For longer storage, immediate freezing is recommended. To prevent freezer burn, wrap chicken in foil or other freezer wrap. Separate parts into individual meal-size portions before freezing, so you can later avoid defrosting more chicken than you need. Or try Foster Farms Fresh & Easy boneless and skinless chicken breasts and thighs, already individually wrapped for your convenience. Refreezing chicken is never recommended.

Cooked chicken should be wrapped securely before refrigerating or freezing. For optimum quality, follow the storage guidelines provided.

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