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Spit/Rotisserie Cooking

Cooking turkey on a spit or rotisserie produces a juicer, self-basted culinary delight. The secret is in the slow cooking. For instructions on how to cook a turkey using this popular method, follow the tips below.

1. Remove neck and giblets from body cavities, and rinse turkey inside and out. Pat dry.

2. Do not stuff a turkey intended for the grill or rotisserie.

3. Season turkey as desired; marinating overnight helps flavor penetrate the meat.

4. Skewer neck skin to back; secure drumsticks with string or nylon leg clamps. Tie twine around breast to hold wings flat.

5. Insert spit rod into turkey, just below the breast bone and bring out through the tucked-in tail, under the secured drumsticks.

6. Fasten spit prongs firmly, at right angles to each other, into end of turkey. Be sure turkey is centered and balanced evenly as rotisserie rotates.

7. Insert meat thermometer into thickest part of inner thigh, not touching the bone.

8. Place spit on rotisserie, allowing approximately 25 to 35 minutes per pound for cooking.

9. Keep charcoal fire up to temperature by adding more coals every 20-30 minutes as needed.

10. Turkey is cooked when meat thermometer reads 180-185°F at the thigh.

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