Our Practices

You spend a lot of time making sure that your family is safe and healthy. We spend a lot of our time making sure that Foster Farms products are the safest, highest quality products available. It's more than having locally grown chickens and turkeys. It's being involved with every step of the process, from hatching the eggs to delivering our poultry to the store. We want to be sure that everyone who buys our products knows that they are getting our best: Pure honest to goodness every time.


Grow-out Ranches

After the chicks hatch, they are taken to a local ranch with optimal conditions to promote natural growth. Each ranch has a "buffer zone" of empty land all around. The climate is ideal. The chicks' environment is kept comfortable and sanitary, and is monitored around the clock. They get a balanced diet of high-quality corn-based feed and mature naturally, without steroids or growth hormones. Our veterinarians carefully watch the flock's progress. Each flock is then tested and receives USDA certification that they meet and exceed quality and safety standards.