Our Practices

You spend a lot of time making sure that your family is safe and healthy. We spend a lot of our time making sure that Foster Farms products are the safest, highest quality products available. It's more than having locally grown chickens and turkeys. It's being involved with every step of the process, from hatching the eggs to delivering our poultry to the store. We want to be sure that everyone who buys our products knows that they are getting our best: Pure honest to goodness every time.



Foster Farms' processing plants are a critical part of our dedication to producing the highest-quality products. They are among the most modern and technologically-advanced processing operations in the nation, highly efficient and sanitary, with comprehensive food quality control and safety management systems in place. Our poultry is minimally processed, which means it is handled only as necessary to clean it and make it ready for you to buy. Each bird is hand-inspected by U.S. Government inspectors on site. We exceed USDA regulations in every part of production and product specification. We're as picky about our chicken and turkey as you are—by the time our poultry leaves the plant, it has received the required number of government inspections... times ten.