Settled in 1845, Corvallis was first named Marysville, after early settler Mary Lloyd. In 1847, the residents of Marysville petitioned to form Benton County, named for Thomas Hart Benton, an advocate of the development of the Oregon Territory. In 1853, the city was renamed Corvallis, meaning "Heart of the Valley." And the heart of this city beats strongly with friendly neighbors, a low overall crime rate and strong schools.

Nestled in the green, fertile Willamette Valley, Corvallis enjoys mild temperatures and easy access to the Pacific Ocean, the Cascade Mountains, the high desert of Eastern Oregon and the big city amenities of Portland and Eugene. Imagine starting your day off with great weather while you shove off on a kayak, paddle to shore for a challenging hike and meet friends for a desert excursion—all before lunch. Later, you can catch a pro basketball game in the big city, go to a play, or go dancing until dawn.

Winter: 40 Spring:
Summer: 80 Fall:
42 inches
5.9 inches
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