Food Safety


We provide accurate, timely, and cost effective microbiological results. Supporting corporate food safety, quality control, and animal health programs, we maintain USDA regulated microbiological requirements for testing.

Further Processing

We have three distinct further processing divisions. The Deli Division manufactures vacuum packaged hot dogs, foodservice hot dogs and corn dogs. The Turkey Division manufactures fresh whole body turkeys, boneless turkey roasts, ground turkey, fully cooked deli breasts and dark meat products such as turkey ham, pastrami, bologna and salami. The Cooked Chicken Plant manufactures chicken wings, breaded tenders, patties, nuggets and mini corn dogs, just to name a few.


We provide analytical data, interpretation and technical resources for our feed mills, Live Production, Manufacturing, Research & Development, our PC Plant and Fertilizer Plant. With industry approved methods we analyze feed and ingredients, nutritional samples, fat/tissue/organs, finished products, wastewater, litter, ranch water, manure and special projects. We also maintain USDA Accreditation in Food Chemistry for Nutrition as well as Residual Chemistry for PCB and CHC.

Career Opportunities

Microbiology Lab Manager
  • BS or advanced degree in microbiology or related science
  • Minimum 2 years' lab management experience
  • Familiarity with lab accreditation requirements
  • Communication, organizational, budgetary and problem solving skills essential
Quality Control Manager
  • Advanced Degree in Food Science
  • 5+ years of quality management experience in meat/poultry industry
  • Good statistics background
  • Effective managerial and interpersonal skills
Chemistry Lab Supervisor
  • BS degree in Physical or Biological Science
  • Supervisory experience
  • Knowledge of poultry, food and feed chemistry
  • 5 years' chemistry lab experience
  • Able to interface with all levels of management
  • Support and maintain regulatory programs including USDA Accreditations, CA Title 22,HACCP, Quality Assurance, EPA and OSHA LAB Compliance including Hazard Waste Management
Senior Chemist
  • BS degree in Chemistry or related science
  • Minimum 4 years' experience in a laboratory environment performing analyses
  • Previous supervisory experience preferred
  • Knowledge of USDA/FDA Accreditation programs
  • BS degree in chemistry or related science
  • One year of lab experience
  • Knowledge of poultry, food and feed production chemistry
  • Good mathematical and electronic aptitude
  • Ability to perform hazardous waste management and QC/QA Programs
  • BS degree in Microbiology or related science
  • Minimum 3-4 years' laboratory experience
  • Good PC skills (MS Office)
  • Good communication skills
Senior Microbiologist
  • BS degree in Microbiology
  • Minimum 5-7 years' laboratory experience preferably within the food industry
  • Knowledge of USDA and/or FDA microbiological procedures, automated equipment, and rapid methods
  • Supervisory experience preferred

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Arif, Food Safety

"Foster Farms is a first class company with strength in people and systems. What I like about Foster Farms is its strong commitment to Food Safety and Quality and its diverse and friendly work environment."