The success of Foster Farms is driven in large part by the solid business capabilities established within our corporate environment. We have a wide variety of opportunities for you to help define and drive our future business direction.

  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Legal
  • Taxation
  • Treasury Services

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  • Corporate Accounting Services - You make it happen, including transactions for accounts payable, pricing and deductions, payroll and corporate accounting. We even offer entry level accounting positions for new graduates.
  • Cost Accounting - Can you track plant and live production costs, then measure them against performance metrics and report actual versus standard production variances? If so, this is your division. Predominately staffed with accountants and accounting management, we offer clerical, entry level and experienced staff positions.
  • Financial Reporting - Primarily staffed with accountants, some with public accounting experience, we provide weekly, monthly and annual financial statements. This is a great point of entry for seasoned professionals wanting more from their careers.
  • Financial Analysis - If you can provide cost and margin analysis of our operating results, we'd like to hear from you. We seek professionals from both finance and accounting backgrounds. Because they require company familiarity, open positions tend to require previous Foster Farms experience.
  • Credit & Collection - You're great at giving credit where credit is due-and collecting when the time comes. You'll check new customers before product delivery to ensure feasible collection within proper credit terms. You'll also carefully review every credit application with industry specific criteria to make sure our customers maintain adequate cash flow. You'll set credit terms and limits for each customer with a focus on keeping bad debts to a minimum.
  • Insurance Services - The management and placement of employee benefit programs that safeguard employees will be your focus. We're looking for a proven pro who can manage all corporate property and casualty policies to protect company assets.
  • Cash Management - If you work to guarantee proper accounting and analysis of investments, debt activity, bank activity and financial reporting, this may be the career for you. You'll administer two large qualified retirement plans and a non-qualified deferred compensation plan, ensuring timely contribution of funds. Processing of participant enrollment and distribution, as well as the proper reporting for accounting, participants, senior management and government agencies will also be your areas of focus. We'll coach you on managing the P-Card program-and learn from your expertise.

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“ I have worked as a Cost Accountant for Foster Farms for three years. I am absolutely grateful for the opportunity to join the organization. I have become an intricate part of a family who shares a common goal of success. I work with the operations group on a daily basis helping to improve efficiencies, cut costs and aid in decision making processes. I’m amazed at how much I have learned in my short time with the organization and ecstatic that I am able to continue to grow as a professional every day. ”