If you accept challenges head on and are eager to leverage your individual strengths and experience in running and maintaining a world-class food processing environment, a career in Operations at Foster Farms is for you. We have openings in the following areas:

  • Commodities
  • Live Production
  • Plant Operations

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  • Breeders - You can help maintain the egg-laying hens in the field, ensuring we have a constant supply of hatching eggs available in order to meet consumers' demands for the freshest poultry.

  • Hatcheries - Would you like to have the responsibility for producing fryer chicks and overseeing our chicken grow-out ranches? At Foster Farms, you’ll have the chance to work at the finest poultry producer around.

  • Feed Mill – We help to produce specially grown feed for our chickens while operating a fleet of trucks that services our grow-out ranches 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This will ensure that our birds are always cared for properly.

  • Live Haul – We skillfully deliver birds to our processing facilities several times a day in order to supply our customers with the freshest chicken possible. We also operate a fleet of trucks to pick up, stockpile and deliver rice hulls from rice mills around the state ensuring our birds have a comfortable living environment.

  • Construction/Maintenance - We’re looking for the best in construction, electrical, plumbing and fabrication professionals to support our Live Production facilities.

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“After graduating from Cal Poly University, I joined the Foster Farms Live Production Team. I have enjoyed my journey with Foster Farms for many reasons. In a company with 12,000 employees and such varied jobs as business systems analyst and water treatment engineer, it is nice to know that everyone is on your side and working for the same goal. My co-workers are like family. We share ideas and suggestions to help each other and the company grow. I love the casual yet highly professional atmosphere this creates. People often ask me, “Can you still eat chicken after what you do at work all day?” I say, “Absolutely!” That’s because I know the hard work and effort that everyone puts in to making our product outstanding. ”