Delivering the high quality products that Foster Farms is famous for requires exceptionally talented and dedicated professionals in a number of key areas, including:

  • Distribution
  • Engineering
  • Food Safety & Quality Control
  • Product Management
  • Purchasing

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  • Scheduling - Chicken – You’ll be responsible for coordinating all facets of live production to meet weekly marketing requests. You’ll manage and report on the inventory of breeders, egg production, and live birds—at all times, showing changes and explaining variances. Projecting future performance and preparing annual plans to meet marketing needs is a key function of this role.

  • Product Control - Turkey – You’ll meet and exceed customer expectations by directing product control functions and information flow. You will coordinate with an analyst to determine supply/demand balances as well as provide analysis on a product mix, availability, capacities, etc. You will also provide long term meat balancing and a fresh season plan. In addition, you will be called on to manage materials warehouse, coordinate delivery and distribution of materials to all turkey and deli production facilities, as well as maintain and monitor materials warehouses and inventory.

  • Scheduling - Turkey - Can you provide a daily production schedule based on sales orders and/or a long term plan? If so, this role may be perfect for you. You’ll utilize SAP to ensure that the plant runs the most efficient product mix while maintaining the highest customer service levels. You will track, record, and publish order fill numbers as well as assist product controllers in managing distressed inventory and customer returns by monitoring inventory levels and aging reports.

  • Demand Planning – Create the operations forecast for all fresh tray pack products by customer group in weekly and daily time frames. The sales history of non-promo sales along with seasonality adjustments and store count changes are used for this data. You will create the 12-week fresh chicken availability based on supply less demand and distribute to our Sales group for promotional sales. You’ll approve ads based on availability by week, and present to executive staff each week the past weeks' performance as well as the next twelve weeks out.

  • Product Control - Chicken – Manage the weekly, period and annual supply and demand of all chicken products. This will include balancing the meat pile by week across all five production facilities in three states, while balancing the plant productivity and customer order fill rate above 99.5%. You’ll also run plant capacity analysis for all plants based on forecasted sales volumes, and create purchasing plans for raw materials and co-packing production plans.

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“ In the beginning of my career I have been offered numerous opportunities for career development and training of various professional skills. I have been given the opportunity to work on projects that will allow me to gain greater knowledge of the Foster Farms businesses. The Foster Farms team has welcomed me and has been very helpful in obtaining critical knowledge to succeed in my job. ”