The Foster Imposters may not be good enough to make it at Foster Farms. But they are a good example of an innovative and effective sales, marketing and branding organization. To maintain and expand our sales growth and market position, we seek ambitious, creative professionals to join us in the following areas:

  • Marketing
  • Research & Development
  • Sales

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  • Fresh Poultry - A fresh new career is in order here. You can help develop raw and cooked products to be marketed in the fresh case.

  • Frozen Value Added Poultry - You can develop raw and cooked products to be marketed in the frozen case.

  • Wall Deli - You’ll help develop turkey lunchmeat products for the wall deli. But there are no walls here—it’s a wide-open environment with plenty of room for advancement.

  • Service Deli - Develop products for the service deli, including rotisserie chickens. From fully cooked turkey breasts to turkey lunchmeats and breaded chicken products, this is the place.

  • Foodservice – You’ll assist in the development of products for fast food and casual dining restaurants. Help develop poultry products for the finest upscale restaurants, the best schools and more. What you make here makes the difference.

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"Foster Farms R&D is a diversified work place with lots of opportunities and challenges. Since I joined the Product Development Center 5 years ago, I’ve worked on many projects regarding Foodservice fully cooked chicken and others like rotisserie chicken, frankfurters, and corn dogs. The pace here is fast, environment is friendly, equipment is current, and methodology is modern. Project Managers have flexibility, training, and accountability in conducting projects. Foster Farms provides competitive benefits and compensation. With the recent acquisitions, there is tremendous potential and opportunities rising ahead of us."