The success of Foster Farms is driven in large part by the solid business capabilities established within our corporate environment. We have a wide variety of opportunities for you to help define and drive our future business direction.

  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Legal
  • Taxation
  • Treasury Services

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  • Environmental Affairs – Discover the opportunity to create, maintain and implement corporate environmental programs. You must be adept in direct spill response activities and providing environmental training and performing audits. You’ll oversee permitting and planning actions, guide record keeping practices, participate in rule development processes and negotiate any penalties.

  • Security - If you’re committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all employees, this is your opportunity. You’ll assist in the investigation of civil and criminal matters, among other functions. Since the department has 24/7 responsibilities, we staff a dispatch center to field after-hours security and corporate calls.

  • Investigations/Liability - Want to be part of a fully integrated Special Investigations and Claim Adjusting Unit that services all of our locations? You can. Your goal will be to mitigate and eliminate company loss exposure. To that end, you will execute as a claims management and diligent investigator. Customer service will be your number one priority. You will adjust and manage all product, vehicle and general liability claims, as well as provide investigation services to workers' compensation, human resources, production and legal.

  • Vehicle Safety - You’ll provide education and training to all Foster Farms professional drivers to ensure their safety on the highways. In addition, you may conduct safety audits in all of the transportation departments of the company to ensure that equipment is safe and all of the driver's files and related documentation is in compliance with applicable Federal, State, and Local laws and regulations.

  • Worker's Compensation - Help to administer workers' compensation benefits to Foster Farms employees as quickly and fairly as possible in compliance with state law. It's your responsibility to make sure an injured employee receives proper medical treatment for their injury in order to help them return to work, and to pay disability payments correctly and on time, in those cases where employees are not medically able to return.

  • Medical Services - We provide first aid treatment for both work related injuries/illnesses and non-job related medical emergencies. We focus on promoting and restoring health, preventing injury/illness and protecting workers from occupational and environmental hazards. To help achieve our goals, you can help to provide health, safety and wellness education and training with an emphasis on prevention and ergonomics.

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“As the Director of Environmental Affairs I am very pleased to work for a company that has a strong environmental focus. I have the honor of managing highly skilled, technical employees and the privilege of working closely with professionals at all levels and in all divisions within Foster Farms. Traveling, public speaking, training, auditing, negotiating with governmental agencies, and providing litigation support are a few of the accountabilities of this challenging position. I enjoy my career at Foster Farms. I appreciate the stability of a well-run business while thriving on the challenges that a dynamic organization like Foster Farms offers. ”